Consumer Education and Outreach

We designed the Your24™ program to connect with customers at many levels. By opening a dialogue with the consumer, Your24™ keeps customers up to date on the latest technologies and innovations while providing a method to engage customers through social media, communicate about timely events, and execute dynamic pricing strategies.

Targets Customers at All Levels of Smart Grid Awareness
For customers new to learning about the Smart Grid or those who have a fully realized energy utilization plan, Your24™ targets customers at all levels of awareness to make sure all customers have a place to start their Smart Grid Experience.

Integrated Social Media Strategy
Your24™ integrates with FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and goes beyond to create a Complete Social Media Experience tailored to engage, inform, and direct Smart Grid adoption. As more customers are reached by this program, their conspicuous consumption inspires friends, family members, and co-workers to participate as well.

Incentive Programs
Your24™ supports an optional rebate incentive program where customers can earn points by modifying their energy use. They can then redeem these points for various incentives, and use social media to compare their earnings to others, creating a competitive energy savings environment.

Customer Communication
Having an engaged audience means having a channel to reach customers directly. This creates a unified front for communication that enables the delivery of timely notices and updates, as well as providing a method for Smart Grid adopters to be informed about dynamic pricing.