Store the Energy To Power Your Home


Issue Overview

Over the last century, America’s economic dominance has been propelled in large part by the availability of increasingly less expensive and abundant domestic energy resources. Savvy investments in oil, solar, wind, hydro, nuclear, natural gas, and solar have helped decrease the reliance on foreign resources and foster America’s energy independence. Now, next generation forms of energy, and energy storage, will be at the fore of one of the largest growth opportunities that exists today. This is an opportunity for both investors and consumers to benefit.

Distributed Energy

How We Use Electricity

Everyday we power our homes with electricity produced from our electric grid. This power is pushed over transmission lines, then stepped down to distribution lines, and into our homes. The electric utility produces enough power to provide electricity to your whole house all the time. But that process is grossly inefficient. When was the last time you needed every light on, every device running, and every appliance on, all at the same time? Do you know you are being supplied and billed for all of that energy even though you are not using it and don’t need it?

  • History of the electric grid

    Since the very beginning of the North American electric grid we get our electricity from power plants that push out massive amounts of alternate current (AC) power. This system allows us to move electric power over long distances. However, it is a very inefficient system since the grid produces more electricity than we actually consume.

  • Nearly 40% of Electricity in US Households is Waste

    According to a 2012 study by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US households waste 38% of the electricity produced by inefficiencies in our electric grid. Lighting, electronics, air conditioning, and space heating are contributing to the waste because we pay for the power to operate these devices in our homes but we never use all of the electricity provided from the grid to operate them.

  • Next Generation Smart Home Technology

    The WISE system and products will empower you with technology to control what you spend on your electric utility use by measuring and controlling your consumption room-by-room. The patented NanoPODS system matches your consumption with new storage technology that holds the power you need in next generation battery banks. These distributed energy systems are designed to use with existing electrical outlets to store the energy needed to power appliances and electronics. The technology communicates data from each outlet and switch to a controller connected to your electric panel or smart meter. You have the control to turn the power off and suspend electric utility charges. Your WISE NanoPODS will power each room of the house.

  • Learn exactly how much electricity is needed to power your home

    The WISE system begins by first showing you how much electricity you use each day. We tell you how much is needed to power each room in your house. The patented process will calculate your energy use and show you how to store the energy you don’t need and to power your home when you need it.

WISE NanoPODS System: A New Way to Power Your World

This new idea in energy management began with a simple premise. We all have 24 hours in a day and how we choose to use those hours are completely up to each person. We applied that same principle to how we use the many electric devices that connect our world. Our patented process of identifying precise electric use and integrating new energy storage technology can drastically reduce your electric bill and give you greater control of your home energy consumption utilizing applications through your smartphone or tablet. You’ve seen how using the internet will allow you to control devices like cameras and door locks remotely. WISE NanoPODS provides these same features but uses our battery technology to power the devices so you save on your electric bill.

Make Your Home A Smart Home

Home automation products like smart thermostats, cameras, door locks, and lighting can turn your home into a smart home. These products have the capability to communicate with other devices over the internet. WISE NanoPODS offer core energy products with the same communications capabilities. Our products will talk to the controller and give you the ability to control devices with your smartphone or tablet. The products even store unused electricity in battery banks. WISE products will work with existing home automation systems to take advantage of your home automation investment. You can turn your connected devices off/on and power the devices using our energy products. The system provides you with the convenience of monitoring your home and puts the control in your hands.

Measure Exactly How Much Electricity You Use

Our patented Energy Assessment Tool will quickly and easily determine how much electricity you use each day. The system is designed to convert kilowatt hours to dollars and sense to give you a realistic look at your energy use in real-time. We give you information room-by-room for each device in the room and we capture the times you use the plugged-in electronics and appliances. The system will learn more each day about how you use electricity and provide actionable information directly to your smartphone. The Energy Assessment results page of the will give you helpful tips on how to save money on your electric bill.

WISE patented storage products contain communications equipment and rechargeable batteries which allow you to store the electricity to power your home. By installing Wall Outlet Storage and Wall Switch Storage in the rooms of your home, you are able to communicate with devices and store the electricity to power the electronic device or appliance. This unique system allows you to turn off the electric grid power each day and use stored electricity to power your home. Never be without power again and never pay for power you don’t need!

  • Patented Wall Outlet Storage

    You can plug-in electronics and appliances to these next generation outlets. The outlets contain communications equipment and battery storage to power the household devices in your home.

  • Patented Wall Switch Storage

    Replace your existing switches to power overhead lighting. The switches contain communications equipment and battery storage to power lighting and other devices connected to the switch.

  • Customized Whole House Storage

    The system is scalable and contains communications technology that allows the outlets and switches to talk to you through a smartphone. The patented dual ultra-capacitor and lithium battery storage technology lets you power the entire house or any room in the house. The system even powers HVAC, refrigeration, and other energy intense appliances.

Get Notices & Alerts

The WISE system generates notices and alerts in real-time to allow you to act on certain events. An example would be to receive a notice letting you know to turn the thermostat up because no one is home. Simple event buttons on the WISE smartphone app would allow you to make the money saving change with the touch of a button. The system would auto-generate energy saving alerts in real-time to take advantage of rebate programs and other incentives offered by the electric utility.

Save Money on Your Energy Bill

This new revolutionary WISE approach uses only the electricity you need to power to your home. You save on the electric bill each month because you go “off grid” everyday by turning the power off to your home. The WISE system powers your home by using a patented combination of battery technologies to keep things running smoothly. The more you use the stored power that you have already paid for, the more you save on your electric bill. And you are never completely in a power outage because you have stored electricity.

Personalized Energy Assessment

Take the free WISE Energy Assessment and get a profile of how you use electricity. The custom view of your home’s electric utility use will show you how much you spend each month on electricity by breaking down the cost of every electric device in your home.